Project Server connector Doesn't work :(

May 25, 2010 at 3:31 PM

Good evening everyone, 

I have two servers in my work and i installed the following programs successfully:

On the first server: domain server

On the second server: TFS 2008 sp1, wss 3.0 sp1 and project server 2007 sp1

i want to make a connection between TFS and PS by PS connector but i don't know where can i put the connector sites during the installation steps 

and after the installation steps are finished, how can i use the PS connector???

another issue, i tried to run the Connector web site from the IIS by doing the follwoings:

1- navigate to the Connector web Site

2- press on Create new project association button

3- select from dropdownlists PS and TFS projects 

Now, when i press the SAVE button, i get the red following error: This operation could not be successfully performed. please conatact the administrator

another thing i noticed on IIS, that the Connector web service  website doesn't work and i don't know why!

I have answered Google before about this issue, but it didn't help me :(

I look forward to answer me ASAP

Thanks in advance ...i appreciate :)