Problem in Synch WI between Project and TFS

May 14, 2008 at 10:19 AM

we are having (still) trouble with TFS Connector 2.0. We are using Project Server 2007, Connector 2.0 with TFS 2008. We have created our own Process Template and we also have adjusted the web.config for the Connector WebService to enable the connector that he knows our Process Template. Following the End User Guide (as well as the blog procedure which you can find here Get Started with Connector) it won't work.

Now I have a Project Plan published to Project Server and a new Team Project waiting for Tasks and Requirements (2 Requirements, each has 3 Tasks). When I click on "Publish" within MS Project, I can see that the Connector recognizes that there is some work to do.
Connector Administration Site shows following information:
Pending Work Items = 0 (should be 5)
View Details = Link is active, click on the link shows "There are currently no associated assignments "
View hierarchy = Shows basic information of Requirements and Tasks (as it would come out of MS Project), but date and time fields for Requirements and Tasks are totally wrong. Actual Work, Remaining Work, Work are all set to "0" (which is wrong), Start Date and Finish Date are all set to "01.01.0001 00:00:00" which is also wrong.

Does anybody have the same issues with the connector? We are trying to get the Connector to work, but having still problems.

Any help is really appreciated.