Problem with the syncronization

May 23, 2008 at 10:50 PM

    I'm trying to use PS Connector on TFSRTM08 - March Update virtual machine....
    I installed Project Server (everything is OK) and installed the Connector (everything "seams" OK).

    I can manage projects on Project Server;
    I ca view the custom coluns (Enterprise) on Project Server;
    The custom templates where loaded to the TFS;
    I can connect to the Connector web site;
    I can make projects associations.... an the problem goes there....

    I can se the project association on Project List screen but the Assignment Association screen is empty...

    And when i try to create a new task association, if i try By WorkItem, i can see the TFS tasks but te other list is empty, an if i try By Assignment, the i can see the Assignment list but th WorkItem list is empty....

    Can you help me with this issue? Coud it be because there's no domain account in this scenario (all accounts are local)?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!!