non-US version of Project Server 2007

Jun 30, 2008 at 7:14 PM
I am trying to install VSTS, TFS, and Project Server on one machine to build a pilot environment and am having various problems. Before I go into those, I would like to know if anyone has successfully installed the connector with a PS2007 instance running a non-US version. At a customer site I saw the event handler complain about custom field "Health". This Enterprise project field does not exist in a non-US version of Project Server. The connection seems to work when work items are created in TFS, except that the user must sync every work item manually. The other way around, if the user creates tasks in Project and publishes to the server, then the work items are not created in TFS. Again, manual sync does seem to work.

Another question I have is whether it is intentional that both TFS and Project Server publish workspaces for the individual project? It seems to me looking at the Agile and CMMi process descriptions in the workspace templates from TFS, that these are intended to be used in Project Server as well. Any help how to do this (I can export the template and re-import it to PS2007 WSS, but then I still have 2 workspaces per project) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Jane