MS Project Server 2007 and TFS 2005 Connector Issue

Jan 28, 2009 at 1:09 PM

Hey Hi
           I have installed a TFS 2005 on one machine and also installed MS Project server 2007 on other machine. I want a connector which create communication between these both software. So I got the connector from you site (Linkgiven Here: I got the all installation guide line from this link. I have some problem in this communication. First of all When I installed the connector, I had given all perfect information during connector installation. But during the installation I have some questions related to following steps.

TFS Service account, which was created during installation of Visual Studio Team Suite. This account should have administrative privileges on the machine hosting Microsoft Project Server 2007 – Connector.
TFS Service account should be mapped with dbo user, default database as master and it should have sysadmin privileges in SQL Server 2005.
TFS Service account should also be the member of IIS_WPG and Administrator group on local machine and it should have full permissions in %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\Temporary ASP.NET Files
Execute the following command in visual studio command prompt
aspnet_regiis -i –enable
As you have said in first step we will use the TFS Service account. Here I want to clarify that when we installed TFS 2005 we create 3 domain account for TFS i.e. are TFSSETUP, TFSSERVICES and TFSReport. I always use TFSSETUP account for machine login. So right now I am also using this account for using TFS server and explorer in that machine. Will you tell me what do you mean by TFSService account. Can we connect the machine with TFSService account and use TFS with this account. While the TFSSETUP account have full administrative privileges.
I have installed SQLServer 2005 on TFS machine. I have installed it with TFSSETUP account on TFS machine. I also add the TFSSERVICE account in SQL server 2005 connector db user. and TFSSERVICE has full administrative rights. So let me know how we will remove this confusion. Because we are using TFSSETUP user account and you are telling us about TFSSERVICE use account. So please let us know, if you have any guideline document about it.
How can I verify that TFSSERVICE use account or TFSSETUP account is a members of IIS_WPG. How can verify this service in my machine. secondly as you have mentioned about ASP.Net files. When I check it in my machine, I have found there following folder in this hierarchy (\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\ADOMD.NET and \Program Files\Microsoft.NET\Primary Interop Assemblies). So let me know how can I verify it and after which software installation this folder create in given hierarchy. Please if you have any guideline about it too please send me.
In the last as you have given some command  about ASP.NET registration. But this command is not executable. Let me know about it too.
If you have further guideline then please let me know ASAP. 

Feb 19, 2009 at 11:07 AM
 Dear Sir
            I have installed TFS server 2005 at one machine and I have MS Project Server 2007 another machine. Now I want to connect Project server with TFS. I got the one link (, here I got the VSTS connector for MS Project Server 2007 and TFS 2005 integration. TFS2005 software is working very well before this connectore installation. When I installed the connector by following the proper guideline which are present at given link. After complete installation, When I start the TFS Server and open the TFS Explorer then I got following error.

"TFS31001: Team Foundation cannot retrieve the list of team projects from Team Foundation Server ss01-cpu-118. The TEam Foundation Server returned the following error: The request failed with HTTP status 404:."

I was installing this connector on TFS Machine as per guideline which are given on website( I was login with TFSSETUP on TFS machine. Although I have installed TFS server 2005 with this Login. While on installation I used the TFSSERVICE account for TFS installation.

Please if any one have any solution about this problem. Please let me know ASAP.


Best Regards

Muhammad Waseem Alvi